The Mermaid Chair (2006) – Kim Basinger

The Mermaid Chair (2006)
The Mermaid Chair (2006)


A married woman (Kim Basinger) visits her hometown island to take care of her mother who lost her finger. There, she falls in love with a Benedictine monk and finds out secrets from her past relating to the death of her father.

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Director: Steven Schachter

Starring: Kim Basinger, Alex Carter, Bruce Greenwood

Genre: DramaRomance

Country: USA

Cheating Scenes in The Mermaid Chair (2006)

The wife (Kim Basinger) is invited by the monk to do some bird-watching on an outlying island. This seems harmless, but the wife already knows the deal about her feelings when she accepts his invitation. They go to the island but nothing happens at this point.

The husband arrives on the island. The wife had been avoiding his calls and such, so he asks her what’s up. She tells him that maybe they should try it apart, that she needs some time alone. Of course, she doesn’t tell him why she needs time alone, but we know that it’s for her to have a chance to bonk the monk.

The wife borrows her friend’s boat to go to the same island alone to paint. Later, the monk arrives. They look at each other’s eyes and knows that they’re having the same feelings towards each other, even though it’s forbidden for both of them since she’s married and he is a monk who vowed a life of celibacy. They kiss and take each other’s clothes off and have sex in the sand. We get to see them make out some and Kim Basinger down to her bra.

When they’re in the monastery, they meet in one of the rooms and kiss sneakily.

Later, the husband discovers a painting done by her which depicts two people naked and having sex in the sand. He is smart, so he knows that it is a portrait of his blonde wife fucking another guy. They quarrel and he leaves the island, leaving his wedding ring with her.

The wife talks to the monk to end her affair with him. She comes home to her husband. Gradually, the husband forgives her  for making a cuckold out of him, with a guy who is supposed to be celibate, nonetheless.


The Mermaid Chair (2006) - screenshots
The Mermaid Chair (2006) – screenshots

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