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 108 min | Year: 2017 |  Russia

The second part of the film “About Love”. Moscow, summer 2016. A new lecture, a new lecturer with a new theme: “How to preserve love in the modern world” – and five new stories about love. The heroes still suffer, struggle for love, even more often get into absurd and ridiculous situations, and yet they trust in love even more.

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Note: Watched without subtitles

2nd story

A middle-aged couple, consists of a balding man and a fat woman, has sexual problems, so they try swinging with a young, attractive couple. The fat woman is inhibited at first, but her sadomasochistic tendencies come out after having a few drinks and smooching with the male of the other couple. But before the male is able to fuck her, her balding partner 'rescues' her from being handcuffed in the bedroom. They kiss, then go home, with him carrying her, leaving the young couple behind and ending their swinging date prematurely. It seems that their sexual attraction towards each other is revived after the incident.

4th story

An attractive male celebrity is drugged and kidnapped by his female date. When he wakes up, he finds himself handcuffed on a couch in the living room of an affluent house. His date is there. She does a strip dance for him, with the intention of making love to him, but I guess he doesn't want it. When he gets his chance, he tussles with the lady to try to get the key to the handcuffs. It is at this point that the husband of the lady comes in. Apparently, it seems that he knows about this kidnapping. Whether he tolerates the desire of his wife or that this is his own idea is not clear to me.

In conclusion, the male celebrity and the wife doesn't fuck. The male celebrity gets out of there peacefully, and it seems that the wife and the husband's relationship is restored because of their failed kidnapping/seduction of him.

5th story

John Malkovich comes home, ready to tell his wife that he has fallen for a younger woman. But he is surprised first when he finds a dildo in his wife's cabinet. She tells him that she needs sex more than he is giving him, so that's why she has the dildo.

A little later, John is even more surprised when his wife tells him that she needs to have sex with another man. To be specific, she says she wants to have animal sex with a younger man. To be fair, she thinks that he also should do the same.

John's wife further reveals that she already has a guy in mind. After a few more talk, he permits his wife to go to the bar and to be picked up by the young guy she had in mind. The wife and the young guy go to a hotel. It isn't shown, but they most likely have sex. We see them lying on the bed after they presumably have sex. She is wearing a bathrobe while he seems fully naked under the sheets.

Later, John's wife tells him that she did not have sex with the guy, but I think she's lying to not further hurt his ego.

Meanwhile, John's own lover comes to his place. But they have a fight because John seems to want his wife again, knowing that she is probably having animal sex with a young bull right at that moment. Male egos are funny.

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Original / Other Title:  Про любовь. Только для взрослых.

 Director:  Rezo Gigineishvili, Pavel Ruminov, Natalya Merkulova, Alexey Chupov, Evgeniy Shelyakin, Nigina Sayfullaeva, Anna Melikyan

Genres: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Country:   Russia
Language:  Russian
Release Date:  1 September 2017

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