Nero a metà (TV Series) (2018) aka Carlo & Malik
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 60 min | Year: 2018 |  Italy

Inspector Carlo Guerrieri, a veteran police officer from Rome, finds himself partnered with a rookie who was born in Ivory Coast but raised in the capital.

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Cheating Notes

Alba - Medical examiner who works with the cops which includes her father. Her fiance is Riccardo. She will cheat on him with Malik, a rookie black cop and her father's new partner.

Carlo - Father of Alba. He is in a 9-year-old affair with married newsstand owner Cristina.


23:42 - Carlo has sex with Cristina. Non-nude.

27:45 - Malik bangs a chick he meets in a bar. She's a cop too or something. There's pumping action in the sex scene and we see her boob.


19:49 - Malik flirts with Alba, telling her he wishes her Vespa doesn't start so that she can have a drink with him.

50:18 - During a toast in a bar for a retiring cop, Malik and Cristina share a flirty moment  with each other but are disappointed when her fiance arrives and interrupts them.


39:25  - After a situation where Alba is held hostaged and gets saved, Malik kisses her on the lips. She allows it, albeit a bit hesitantly, but when he goes for the second kiss, she refuses.

47:40 -  Alba confronts Malik in front of his place for putting a piece of paper on her Vespa, telling him that her fiance nearly saw it. He laughs and kisses her. She pulls back and looks at him, unsure what to do. She then decides to kiss him back. They have sex and we see her tit.


49:35 - Malik and Alba kiss on the street and have sex in the bedroom. We don't see her tit this time.


1:19 - Malik and Alba wake up on the bed together with sheets on. When she realizes what time it is, she gets dressed hurriedly so she can get back home to her fiance. "Will you kiss me before you go?", Alex asks her. She replies, "We really shouldn't, but I've never been so happy," and kisses him. We see her sideboob and her buns while she's in her black panties in this scene.

27:05 - Malik and Alba meet and kiss in front of a water fountain.


1:30 - Alba breaks up with her fiancé, telling him she doesn't love him anymore. "Is it because of Malik?", he asks her. She lies at first, but admits to him later that it is indeed Malik.

48:05 - Alba tells Malik that she broke up with her fiance and they kiss on the street.

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