Adrift in Manhattan (2007)
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R  91 min | Year: 2007 |  United States of America

Rose, an optometrist paralyzed by crushing grief after the death of her infant, has built a wall around herself, unable to relate to her estranged husband or anyone else. When an elderly patient, a painter losing his eyesight, begins to visit her office unannounced, Rose registers how alone he is, urging him to reach out and ask for help--something neither does easily. Meanwhile Simon, a late-blooming teenager with an overbearing mother, photographs people at a distance with a borrowed long lens. One day, Rose, beautiful and melancholy in a vibrant scarf, comes into focus in his camera sight. The pictures he shoots become a conduit for each of them to touch something deep within and expand their confining existence.

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Cheating Notes

Rose is living separately from her husband but I don't think they're divorced yet. She and her stalker, the young photographer Simon, kiss and have sex at around 1:05:20. He follows her home. She's aware of it and just lets him, holding the door to her building so that he can enter, then she lets him kiss her in the lobby. They continue making out inside her place, but he stops and asks her who the man she is with. She tells him it's her husband, but that they are living separately. They resume and have sex on her bed later, where she tells him to spank her and tell her that she's a bad girl while he is fucking her doggy style. He calls her 'bad mother' while spanking her. She cries, probably because she associated it with her blaming herself for her infant's death.


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 Director:  Alfredo De Villa

Genres: Drama

Language:  English
Release Date:  10 January 2007

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