Areno (2015)
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 79 min | Year: 2015 |  Japan

'We have to kill him', the wife and her lover thought. When three childhood friends reunite, it doesn't take long before two of them feel the woman's husband is in their way. They push him into a lake, but the boat capsizes and all three are thrown into the water. The lovers reach the shore, but the husband is nowhere. Has he drowned? They decide to wait at a lakeside hotel for his body to be found.

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Cheating Notes

The movie starts basically with the wife and her lover getting rescued from the water while her husband is nowhere to be found. They waited at the lakeside hotel for news of his fate, having sex several times while at it. The wife sees visions of her husband, heavily drenched in water, several times. He appears while she is on top of her lover at one point. He looks disappointed, but it doesn't stop her from riding her lover hard.

In a flashback scene, we see the wife and the lover make out and initiate sex on top of a picnic table beside the lake while her husband sleeps in the car. It seems that the lover drugged him.

The husband's 'ghost' keeps talking to the wife, making her feel more guilty. Her conscience eats her up more when she sees his mom with his dead body in the morgue when it is finally discovered. This leads her to have sex with a young guy that she meets in a laundry shop.

The lover, guided by the husband's ghost, searches for the wife and finds her having sex with the young guy. He doesn't confront her and just leaves silently along with the husband's ghost. He waits for her at the hotel. When she comes back, they have a drink, and then they let out their emotions showing us how their guilt are eating them both up.


Not bad at all.

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More Info for Areno (2015)

Original / Other Title:  アレノ

 Director:  Michio Koshikawa

Genres: Drama

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  21 November 2015

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