Brotherly Love (1970)
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 107 min | Year: 1970 |  United Kingdom United States of America

Not All Love Is Beautiful

In this British tragi-comedy taking place among emotionally bankrupt upper-class Scottish countrymen, Peter O'Toole plays Sir Charles Henry Arbuthnot Pinkerton Ferguson, a mentally disturbed Scotsman, living on his uncared-for farm, who also harbors an incestuous yearning for his sister Hilary (Susannah York), who is staying with Sir Charles after a fight with her husband Douglas (Michael Craig). However, while at a local sheep auction, she encounters Douglas and realizes she still loves him. They agree to meet that night at a country dance. But Sir Charles finds out about their intended rendezvous and at the dance that night, continually interrupts their reunion. He further hampers a reconciliation by allowing her to think that Douglas is the father of a maid's illegitimate child. Hilary, in reaction, goes wild and becomes the complete party girl, propositioning the band leader but going off with Jack, the real father of the maid's child. When Sir Charles finds Hilary asleep in his car the next morning, and she tells him of her antics of the night before, Sir Charles lapses into a deep depression as he realizes that his sister is lost to him.

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Cheating Notes

At 54:26, the wife comes to the character Jack's place and after some talk, she rushes in to kiss him. The scene is brief and dark. I think it leads to sex but it isn't shown. Unless I missed it, nothing happened between the wife and her brother who has an incestuous desire for her.

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Russian dubbed.

Original / Other Title:  Brotherly Love, Country Dance

 Director:  J. Lee Thompson

Genres: Drama

Language:  English
Release Date:  7 January 1970

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