Can I Hold You? (TV Mini Series) (2017)
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 300 min | Year: 2017 |  Russia

Anya Anisimova (Maya Gorban) is a gold medalist, preparing to enter university. She only needs to pass one exam, but the examiner evaluates her unfairly, and she fails the interview. Anya’s mother, Lisa (Ekaterina Rednikova), invites her to unwind and go to her grandmother's place (Elena Tsyplakova) in a small town by the sea.

At that moment, handsome local Gera (Evgeny Shirikov) is just released from prison. His friends beat up a seller and robbed his store, but Gera was found innocent. Nevertheless, he cannot remain indifferent to the fate of his unlucky childhood friends and is trying to find a lawyer. As a result, he gets into even bigger trouble and makes enemies for himself.

Lisa, who has a fiancé (Mikhail Safronov), and Anya both fall in love with Gera. The three have no idea that they find themselves in a love triangle and that Lisa’s unbridled passion will ultimately lead to tragedy...

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Cheating Notes

43:22, 44:28 - Lisa, the mother of Anya who has a fiance, drinks, dances and flirts with local heartthrob Gera during a party and he even starts kissing her lightly on her neck, cheek, etc.

1:01:11, 1:02:40 - Lisa fucks Gera on the beach. Non-nude.

Original / Other Title:  Можно мне тебя обнять?, Mozhno mne tebya obnyat?, Can i Hug You?

 Director:  Stanislav Nazirov

Genres: Drama, Romance

Country:   Russia
Language:  Russian
Release Date:  1 January 2017

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