Erotica Manila (TV Mini Series) (2023)
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 50 min | Year: 2023 |  Philippines

A four-part erotic anthology series set in the streets of Manila.

Gab, a film critque, spots an old Cineplex along Avenida. Intrigued, he enters to watch a movie. But his cinematic experience turns from reel to real.

A news writer who lives a boring life wants some thrill so he avails the services of a massage parlor. He kisses his insecurities goodbye as he gets more than what he paid for.

A middle-aged has-been sexy actress shoots an independent film in an old apartment. She meets an intern in his 20's, running an errand for the production. The intern then helps her rehearse for her big scene.

A sexually-active husband can't seem to get enough of his wife, who doesn't seem thrilled at times. During their private moments, a pair of curious eyes watch intently and secretly.

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Cheating Notes

Episode 1

Lorna, who needs money for her baby and whose husband is nowhere to be found after they have a big fight, goes to a seedy theater to prostitute herself. She meets the film critic inside and propositions him. They bond because of their knowledge of cinema. She gives him a handjob (38:29) and after they are interrupted by a police raid, she fucks him at her place (42:38).

Episode 3

The middle-aged has-been sexy actress has a partner whom she talks to on the phone (25:50). She asks the young intern to help her rehearse her sexy scenes (41:04) and they seem to have sex for real.

Episode 4

After Brix leaves for work, Lucas, his friend and neighbor, comes to his home and starts fucking his wife (24:52). Brix suddenly returns home, wanting to have a quickie with his wife. Lucas hides under the bed while Brix fucks his wife on top of it. Suddenly, the bed breaks because of the couple's hard humping.

 Director:  Lawrence Fajardo

Genres: Drama

Country:   Philippines
Language:  Filipino
Release Date:  29 January 2023

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