The Beggar Bride (2-Part Mini Series) (1997)
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 147 min | Year: 1997 |  United Kingdom

How far will she go?

Young wife Angela Harper embarks on an affair with a rich older man in an attempt to raise some money.

How far will she go for money? "Don't you see, Billy, people like them owe people like us." Young, beautiful and living on the breadline with a feckless husband and a sickly child, Angela Harper decides to take matters into her own hands to save her family from the poverty trap. She hits on the perfect plan after noticing a newspaper feature on the once-divorced and once-widowed lord, Sir Fabian Ormerod. She will marry the man and then hit him for a massive divorce settlement. And so the stunning Ms Angela Harper, a successful lingerie buyer with an alluring independent streak is born...

A chance meeting at the car accident site gives Angela an idea of how she can rescue herself and her family from destitution. At home, she explains to her husband Billy her plan to seduce and bigamously marry Sir Fabian Ormerod to extort money from him. After cleverly engineering a meeting with Sir Fabian at the opera, everything seems to be proceeding according to plan until Angela falls pregnant. Knowing of Sir Fabian's desire for an heir Angela convinces Sir Fabian that the child is his and the couple marry. The marriage causes friction with Honesty, the unbalanced daughter from Sir Fabian's first marriage. Events come to a head when Harry is born and Honesty realizes he will be the heir to the family fortune. The stakes are raised even higher when Angela starts to receive anonymous letters threatening to expose her lurid past. Finally, all hell breaks loose when Harry is kidnapped and the police become involved. Who is the mysterious letter writer? How are these events connected to the mysterious, unsolved death of Sir Fabian's first wife? Will all be revealed?

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Cheating Notes

At 52:47, Angela (married to Billy) has sex with Sir Fabian Ormerod. She doesn't take off her two-piece lingerie. They marry soon after.

Nudity and some nude sex provided by Honesty, Sir Fabian's daughter (1:18:15, 1:44:10).


 Director:  Diarmuid Lawrence

Genres: Drama

Country:   United Kingdom
Language:  English
Release Date:  24 August 1997

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