Cherry. (2011)
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 98 min | Year: 2011 |  United States of America

When Brian Cherry, a sweet, sensitive young Los Angeleno, falls for the beautiful, electric, and damaged Jules, she turns his ideas about women and sex upside-down. They become a couple, but slowly, he is drawn into a twisted love-triangle that includes his best friend, Sam. When Jules eventually leaves him for Sam, Cherry decides on a shocking course of action that will destroy the lives of all three.

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Cheating Notes

Cherry and Jules become a couple and they fuck (17:51).

Sam, Cherry's best friend, calls out Jules for being late without apologizing when the three of them watch a movie (22:30). He continues to display his displeasure of her when they talk in a bar afterward. This makes him a challenge to her.

Sam sees Jules kissing another girl on the dance floor in a bar (29:56). She looks at him seductively. She then comes to join him at his table and seduces him, which leads to them fucking in his place.

Jules makes love to Cherry (41:05), but she also keeps thinking of her sex with Sam. She cries because of guilt.

Cherry comes to Sam's house and tells him that he loves Jules and will marry her (46:32). He doesn't know that Jules is there, and probably stayed the night over and fucked Sam.

Jules doesn't get naked in her sex scenes but we see her fully naked as she strips in front of Cherry in the final climactic scene (1:30:38).


Hot, starting with the seduction scene between Jules and Sam at the bar.


  1. Very very rare film. I have been looking for it for the last five – six years. Tried ordering a DVD but they didn’t ship to my location. Kindly share a link to download or stream it. Thanks!

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