Cowards Bend the Knee (2003)
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 64 min | Year: 2003 |  Canada

When he takes his girlfriend to a seedy abortion clinic in the back room of a combination hair salon/bordello, Guy Maddin meets the madam’s daughter and falls in love. But she won’t let any man touch her until her father’s murder has been avenged.

In a version of his life, Maddin tells us the tragic story of how the young Guy was once a great ice hockey player with the Maroons until his girlfriend got into 'trouble'. A visit to a hairdressers-come-bordello-come-abortion clinic leads Guy to fall for Meta, the daughter of the bordello owner Liliom. However, Meta wants revenge on her mother and her lover (Shaky, Guy's friend and teammate) for the murder of her father (who's blue hands she still has in a jar). A sinister 'transplant' by Dr Fusi, sets Guy on the road to destruction, all for the 'joy, joy, joy of finding love'.

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Cheating Notes

Liliom and her lover Shaky murder her husband. We see them pet and make out after his death, at 20:43. Liliom later cheats on Shaky with Guy, her daughter Meta's new boyfriend. He fists her, supposedly with her dead husband's hands that were transplanted to him, at the salon chair (26:31).

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