Daddy, Darling (1970)
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R  95 min | Year: 1970 |  Denmark United States of America

This is Katja. She is 19. She is untouched. She thinks it's time she did something about it!

A young Danish girl seduces everything in sight after daddy refuses her naughty come-ons. She'll have a lesbian affair with her teacher, pretend that her teenage boyfriend is dear old dad and finally get to her stepmother.

Kate is 19 years old and she lives with his widowed father. Together they are very attached to each other. Kate's once idealistic life is shattered when her father remarries. When she saw her father and stepmother in bed, she flees in terror. Kate decides to return his father, but how far it is willing to go with this? As it turns out too far: she seduces her own stepmother!

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