Deadlock: A Passion for Murder (1997)
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R  88 min | Year: 1997 |  United States of America

Evan Holloway is one of the richest men on Earth, he is a multi-millionaire publisher of the best-selling men's magazine, Passion. Due to his success, he can live a life that other men can only dream of. Any woman he wants, he can have. Any fantasy he cares to live, he does. Anything he wishes to own, he can buy. But now, Evan Holloway has a problem, he just become the target of a sinister assassination threat. Detective Nick Janson is recruited to stop the assassin, but when he becomes involved with the beautiful Kirsty, Evan's former wife, things become complicated - Especially as Kirsty is the prime suspect.

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Cheating Notes

Although Kirsty (Shauna O'Brien) is estranged from her husband, Evan Holloway, they are still legally married as they haven't filed the divorce papers yet. Kirsty fucks the detective at 30:39 and 45:50.

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