Devil in the Flesh (1986)
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Devil in the Flesh
R  114 min | Year: 1986 |  France Italy

An Italian high school student named Andrea becomes infatuated with Giulia, an older woman he sees outside his classroom window. Giulia's fiancé, a leftist radical, has been jailed and is currently on trial for political crimes. Andrea and Giulia meet, and begin rendezvousing at her apartment, where a sexual relationship quickly unfolds. The situation is complicated when the fiancé's mother realizes this, and confronts Andrea's father. Andrea's father is a psychiatrist who treats patients with psychoanalysis. He has treated Giulia in the past. The psychiatrist finds himself a victim of Giulia's sexual advances, which he attributes to madness. As a passionate affair unfolds between Giulia and Andrea, the viewer is left wondering exactly how crazy Giulia really is, and whether Giulia had an affair with the boy's father as well. Intensity of passion between Giulia and Andrea builds towards the climax. Andrea's father confronts him about this affair, but Andrea doesn't back down.

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Cheating Notes

25:19 - Giulia (whose fiance is currently in jail) and the student go rowboating. She kisses him.

28:28 - Giulia gets naked in the office of the student's dad, who is her psychiatrist. The dad doesn't fuck her because aside from being faithful to his wife, he thinks that she's crazy and also warns his son of her craziness.

56:20 - The student comes into Giulia's room and she lets him fuck her.

1:07:44 - Giulia and the student start having sex in a half-empty house which could become hers if she marries her fiance.

1:19:49 - Giulia sucks the student's dick. We really see her put his dick into her mouth.

Original / Other Title:  Diavolo in corpo

 Director:  Marco Bellocchio

Genres: Drama, Romance

Country:   France Italy
Language:  Italian
Release Date:  22 April 1986

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