Diary of a Mad Old Man
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 98 min | Year: 1962 |  Japan

Diary of a Mad Old Man is the journal of Utsugi, a seventy-seven-year-old man of refined tastes who is recovering from a stroke. He discovers that, while his body is decaying, his libido still rages on -- unwittingly sparked by the gentle, kindly attentions of his daughter-in-law Satsuko, a chic, flashy dancer with a shady past. He develops an obsession for her feet.

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Cheating Notes

The wife lets her father-in-law touch her legs on the sofa to feel her scars. She is pretending it's all innocent but she knows what her father-in-law is up to and what she is doing to him in return.

The wife sleeps on her father-in-law's room as his guardian due to his medical condition. After helping him take a bath, she leads him outside of the bathroom so she can take a bath next, but before closing the door she tells him that, since she hasn't been locking the bathroom door lately, he can open it anytime while she is taking a bath inside, then she smiles at him in a playful, flirtatious manner.

The wife sleeps on a chair while her father-in-law sleeps on the bed. One time, she lets him massage her feet when he makes a request. She kicks him when he starts kissing it, saying he's pretty impertinent for a grandpa.

The wife takes a bath and allows the grandpa to come in and kiss her leg and foot but with a certain condition: that he should allow his nephew (or her husband's cousin), Haruhisa, to come and use the shower from time to time. Apparently, she already has an affair going on with her husband's cousin. Her father-in-law agrees, so he gets to kiss her leg and foot but only from outside of the curtain shower. She tells him it's like being kissed by a slug and she has to wash her leg because it feels disgusting.

Haruhisa comes in one day and has sex with the wife in the shower (actual sex not shown). After that, the wife tells her father-in-law to come in next to reward him for allowing Haruhisa. She lets him kiss her leg again and tells him that he can use his tongue this time.

After coming home wearing a dress with a plunging neckline, the wife lets her father-in-law kiss her on the neck in exchange for a very expensive ring.


The wife holding off sexual favors to her father-in-law and giving them to him gradually so that he will desire more and thus give her more is quite erotic. There are no sex scenes or nudity, but this movie does not need them to titillate our senses. Make sure to watch this movie with subtitles as much of the eroticism is in the dialogue.

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