Durdy Game (2002)
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 138 min | Year: 2002 |  United States of America

Dirty Secrets... Dirty Money... Dirty Tricks...

Tired of abusive relationships, best friends CoaCoa, Sha and Meeka embark on a plan to seduce and rob wealthy men. When their betrayals backfire, the women become enveloped in a world of deceit and murder, as they discover that in some games there are no winners.

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Cheating Notes

CoaCoa's musician husband goes on tour. She gets bored and joins her two friends on a night out to a club. She meets her ex there and has sex with him on a rooftop after the club closes (16:00). We see her licking his abs, but we don't see their actual fucking as the scene goes straight to their post-coital talk. However, we do see her riding him for a bit in a flashback scene when she tells her two friends how it went at 24:50, and we also see her sucking his dick in another flashback scene at 1:25:59.

At 1:02:30, CoaCoa brings her ex-bf home and fucks him on the couch. Now, this is the more proper cheating scene as we really see them have sex and we also get to see CoaCoa's boobs.

I find CoaCoa's cheating quite hot. Even the way she tells her friends about it at 24:00 is also quite hot to me, so don't miss that. She's just doing it straight-up like a real ho but still being the dutiful and loving wife.  When her husband was about to go on tour in an earlier scene, she was telling him how she wants him to spend more time with her and her husband was telling her that he loves her and their kids, hence, that's why he does those tours because it's what's putting food on their table. And yet, despite that talk, she cheated on him easily as soon as she sees her ex-boyfriend looking all sexy and buff in the club. I guess her friends encouraging her to do so didn't hurt her decision either.

This IMDB review below says it well regarding CoaCoa and her two friends.

IMDB review

This movie carried an interesting storyline. The acting was pretty decent and the girls in this movie were "hot". After you've seen this movie completely through and you examine the situations of the three girls. You realize that they were just whores or "ho's". One girl was married and she cheated on her husband (ho!), the other one was sleeping with a guy(s) to get some money (ho!), and the other one who seemed pretty decent slept with a guy on the first date (ho!)!. While watching the movie, halfway through it you just know something bad is going to happen at the end. Like the married girl says at the end of the movie with tears in her eyes, "What comes around, goes around, and if it don't come back on you, then it will come back on someone you love". And that's for real!

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 Director:  Samad Davis (as Mody Mod)

Genres: Drama

Language:  English
Release Date:  15 April 2002

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