End of Summer (1997)
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 91 min | Year: 1997 |  United States of America

A lifetime of secrets explodes in a season of desire.

Christine (Jacqueline Bisset), an unmarried aristocrat resists the advances of the adventurous man (Peter Weller), a lover from her past, whom she actually desires, causing him to turn his attentions to her new ward (Amy Locane) and a young maid (Karen Dwyer).

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Cheating Notes

A young chick cheats on her middle-aged boyfriend with a reverend.

Alice (Amy Locane) is the new young ward of Christine (Jacqueline Bisset), an unmarried aristocrat. Christine reunites with Theo, an old could-have-been lover, but is resisting his advances. Alice then seduces Theo and has sex with him beside a campfire in a barn (34:24 or 35:53 in the ok.ru stream below). They become a couple, I guess. Theo even asks Alice to marry him but she delays her response. Alice then gets attracted to the handsome reverend and makes out with him on a swing, with him cupping her boob a little bit. Shortly after, Alice leaves Theo.

As to another sex scene, the reverend fucks Jenny, a young maid at 39:08 (or 40:50 in the ok.ru stream below). As part of his fetish, the horny fucker puts a nun's veil on the maid's head while he humps her.


The cheating scene is a dud because it's a makeout scene only, but the other two sex scenes in the movie are quite hot.

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