Excitement Class: Love Techniques (1972)
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 72 min | Year: 1972 |  Japan

Tormented by his first sexual stirrings, the teenager Isao dreams every night of his gym teacher Ikuko. He finally opens her heart but she rejects his advances. Frustrated, Isao invents all sorts of stratagies to disgust Ikuko´s fiance, a professor of chemistry in the same school. As his plan fails, he plans a radical solution...and the results turns out to be...

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Cheating Notes

The student wants to fuck his gym teacher and plans all sorts of things to make her hate her fiance, a chemistry teacher.

First, he writes an anonymous letter to her fiance, telling him that she has a football player for a lover. It isn't exactly true as the football player is just an ex-boyfriend who wants to be with her again but she rejects him. The couple has a little argument about it and because of this, the student is able to make out with the gym teacher in a bar's bathroom (27:50).

The couple reconciles, so the student plans another scheme to break them up. This time, he hires a prostitute to seduce the fiance and make the gym teacher catch them in the act. Even though the couple has a big fight because of this, they still don't break up and even have wonderful sex. The student and his friend peep at them fucking and attribute the gym teacher not being able to leave her fiance to the latter's skills in bed.

The student gets more desperate and this time, he tries to kill the chemistry teacher through an explosion that happens during their chemistry class. While her fiance is being loaded into the ambulance, the gym teacher looks at the student as if she's sure that he's responsible for it (she already knows that he was responsible for his two previous attempts to break her up with her fiance).

The fiance lives but becomes invalid. At the hospital, the gym teacher tells him that because she loves him so much, she will not leave him even if he is now impotent, but she will probably find another man to fuck. Her fiance basically answers her that he can live with that.

The fiance meets the student in a classroom. She slaps him first, probably for all the attempts he made. And then she tells him that she will sleep with him, not because her fiance is now impotent, but because he shed blood by attempting to kill him. So I guess it's a sort of reward for his efforts? She then makes love to him on the classroom floor (1:00:52), telling him at one point to give her a baby.

The gym teacher marries her fiance. A few years later, the student, along with his girlfriend, comes across the gym teacher on the street. Along with her is her baby, whose father is definitely the student.


Original / Other Title:  官能教室 愛のテクニック

 Director:  Noboru Tanaka

Genres: Drama

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  8 November 1972

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