Fiorina la vacca (1973)
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 92 min | Year: 1972 |  Italy

Plenty of fun erotic stories in the spirit of the "Decameron", united by one constant hero - unlucky cow Fiorina.

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Cheating Notes

19:47 Husband disguises himself as a Spanish soldier to see if his wife will cheat with him (or specifically, with his disguised self) for money.

41:00 Another wife fucks one member of a trio of buskers when they come and sing in front of her house.

54:17 A cheating wife's husband comes home unexpectedly while she is in bed with her lover so she has to hide him. It results in a stabbing, which later turns out to be non-fatal. In the end, the husband comes around and joins his wife, her lover, and another chick in bed for an implied foursome.

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