Fremdgehen (2010)
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 88 min | Year: 2010 |  Germany

The married lawyer Nikolas Merz has a relationship with the Turkish Meryem, who works in his office as a cleaning lady. One day he leaves his wife Lilith for Meryem. But she is afraid that her husband Rohad would kidnap their son Baran to Turkey in the case and does not want to leave him. After Rohad has come behind the affair and threatens Nikolas, she leaves him. When Meryem miscarries and has to go to the hospital, she does not reach Nikolas and calls Rohad for help. So both men meet each other in the clinic. On the way back Rohad stops, pulls Nikolas out of the car and hits him to the ground. Nikolas then kills Rohad with a stone he picked up from the ground. Nikolas reports the incident to the police and waits for his arrest in the house with Lilith, whom he has since moved closer to. Both dream while waiting for a trip. Meanwhile, the police drive

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Cheating Notes

Kissing and non-nude petting between lawyer Nikolas and the cleaning lady Meryem in his office and in his car in the first half of the film, and then at 53:31, they have non-nude interrupted sex in bed.

At 57:02, their spouses kiss but the chemistry isn't there so it doesn't proceed to sex.

Original / Other Title:  Fremdgehen, Cheating

 Director:  Jeanette Wagner

Genres: Drama

Country:   Germany
Language:  German
Release Date:  30 June 2010

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