Goran (2016)
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 90 min | Year: 2016 |  Croatia

A taxi driver goes off the deep end when he discovers his blind wife is pregnant, and the child she's carrying may not be his.

Goran just wants to drive his taxi and take care of his blind wife Lina. But people close to him have their own agendas and dreams which threaten his carefree existence. In the idyllic surroundings of snow-covered Gorski Kotar, the fiery personalities of the highlanders surface and collide.

Goran just wants to drink, drive his cab and hang out with his best friend before the day ends but the news of his blind wife`s pregnancy comes as a jolt to him. Goran is a dark comedy about betrayal and vengeance.

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Cheating Notes

A taxi driver suspects that his blind wife and his best friend are cheating on him. He sees them get comfortably close to each other while she whispers something on his friend's ear in a bowling alley. His suspicion grows bigger when, on his birthday, he sees them together in his friend's pickup truck somewhere along a road. He approaches them and confronts his friend on the side without his wife being aware of it since she's blind. He then accidentally kills his friend when he pushes him on the road and he gets hit by a truck. The truck driver also dies and since his wife is blind, there are no witnesses to the accident so he keeps it to himself.

It turns out that the taxi driver's wife and his best friend are together that day because they, along with his other friends, are planning a surprise birthday party for him.

Fast forward to 1:04:36, the taxi driver accidentally watches a video recording of his wife and another friend fucking. They are in a doggy-style position in most of the video and she is moaning loudly in it along with his friend. It turns out that she is cheating after all, only with a different friend.


Unfortunately, we only see the wife's cheating scene on the little TV screen. It would have been great if we are shown a full-screen flashback scene of her seemingly hot lovemaking with her husband's friend but such is not the case.

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Part 1/2

Part 2/2 (Husband watching sex video of his wife and his friend starts at 20:35)

 Director:  Nevio Marasović

Genres: Drama, Thriller

Country:   Croatia
Language:  Hrvatski
Release Date:  2 August 2016


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