Habang nasasaktan lalong tumatapang (1997)
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 103 min | Year: 1997 |  Philippines

Mario and Milagros are childhood sweethearts who come to the big city to try their luck. Instead, Mario gets falsely accused of a crime and is imprisoned. Milagros starts working at a club, where she meets Emil, a handsome, rich mob boss. She begins an affair with him, while still regularly giving Mario conjugal visits in prison. Eventually, she starts living with Emil and tells Mario that she's ending her relationship with him. Meanwhile, the jealous and violent Emil, with the prodding of his overbearing mother, starts beating Milagros up when she can't explain where she's been going to. He caught his ex-wife cheating on him before and wouldn't want Milagros to make a cuckold out of him again. He kills one of his men when he catches the guy looking lustfully at Milagros. Mario eventually gets out of prison and seeks Milagros. She rebuffs him at first, but starts to entertain him again because of his persistence. Emil finds out about the possible resumption of their relationship and makes his move...

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Cheating Notes

With sideboob/strategic nudity, and the chick's tits may have peeked here and there in some of her sex scenes with the two guys. They definitely peeked during her bathtub sex scene with the mob boss.


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