Head Over Heels (TV Series) (2014) aka Az po usi
4.5 (2)

Head Over Heels
 35 min | Year: 2014 |  Czech Republic

The ups and downs of three couples living in Prague and their interconnected love triangles.

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Cheating Notes

Description: From what I understand from a synopsis I found on a different site. I had to translate it. But basically, there are different stories of different people in the show. I'm just gonna focus on the lesbian one cause that's the only one I know that has cheating. Husband and wife relationship, with a wife who's either cheating a lot or the husband thinks she is cheating, I'm not sure. But apparently, they fight a lot. The wife goes to a lesbian massage therapist. Now you can see in the sex scene that the lesbian wants the wife badly. Obviously, I can't understand anything they're saying haha but I'm betting it's something sexy. The wife cheating with the lesbian starts at Episode 3. The sex scenes are hot, both of them are sexy. (source)

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Original / Other Title:  Až po uši, Az po usi

 Director:  Jan Hřebejk

Genres: Comedy

Country:   Czech Republic
Language:  Czech
Release Date:  2 November 2014

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  1. Wilfhunter, you should review and post the movie The Sex Monster 1999. Its available on Tubi right now. For a sex comedy from the 90s it’s the hottest one for married women cheating with other (married) women.

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