Henry & June (1990)
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NC-17  136 min | Year: 1990 |  United States of America

A true adventure more erotic than any fantasy

When erotic writer Anais Nin and her husband Hugo are traveling in Paris, they meet author Henry Miller and his wife, and sexual sparks fly as Nin starts an affair with the openly bisexual June. When June is forced to return to the U.S., she gives Nin her blessing to sleep with her husband. Then, when June returns to France, an unexpected, and sometimes contentious, threesome forms.

In 1931 Paris, Anais Nin meets Henry Miller and his wife June. Intrigued by them both, she begins expanding her sexual horizons with her husband Hugo as well as with Henry and others. June shuttles between Paris and New York trying to find acting jobs while Henry works on his first major work, "Tropic of Cancer," a pseudo-biography of June. Anais and Hugo help finance the book, but June is displeased with Henry's portrayal of her, and Anais and Henry have many arguments about their styles of writing on a backdrop of a Bohemian lifestyle in Paris.

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Cheating Notes

Anais Nin (Maria de Medeiros), the wife of Hugo, bangs at least four people here: Henry, Henry's wife June (Uma Thurman), a publisher at the beginning of the film (implied), and Eduardo, a lover. She fucks Henry the most number of times. She gets naked in her sex scenes.

June (Uma Thurman), the wife of Henry, fucks Pop, an artist, and Anais Nin. Her sex scenes are tame and non-nude.

At one point, Anais fucks Henry at her home and her husband comes home and nearly catches them (1:38:47). A few scenes later, she also has sex with Henry in the garden while her unknowing husband is playing the guitar on the balcony.


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