High Society (2018)
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 119 min | Year: 2018 |  South Korea

Where the dirty dark shadows the glitz

A deputy curator of a chaebol-funded art gallery and her husband, a politically ambitious economics professor, will do anything to join the über-elite.

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Cheating Notes

The husband is a professor who becomes a political aspirant when the Republican Party shows an interest in him. He runs as a congressman and is given a hot chick for a political aide. She is her student before and is attracted to him. Meanwhile, the wife is a deputy curator at a questionable art gallery and she is trying to convince an artist to do an exhibit for them. The artist asks her if her request is a personal one, meaning, if she will fuck him in exchange for what she's asking. She tells him that she's not like that.

During a political party which the couple attends, the husband fucks his political aide (in her place after the party) while the wife makes out with the artist on a balcony in the venue. Several days later, the wife joins the artist in his exhibition in Paris and fucks him there. The artist takes a video of their lovemaking. The political aide gets naked in her sex scene while the wife only shows us her bare shoulders in hers as the camera stays on her head and shoulders. At the end of the movie, some pumping scene from the wife's cheating scene is gonna be shown but only the guy is shown while she is off-frame.

A little more than halfway in the movie, there's a longer and bolder sex scene between the wife's boss (an old, perverted, rich guy) and a young Japanese chick.

The wife comes to her boss and offers herself to him so that he will choose her as the new director. Her boss plans to fuck her in a kinky manner, the same way he fucked the Japanese chick earlier: atop a huge marble table in a large living room where anybody can just walk in and with their body covered with some sort of jelly.  The boss pours a bucket of jelly all over his body. When he is about to start fucking the wife, who is still wearing a robe, she hesitates and so the boss starts forcing himself onto her while she screams. Two people come in and interrupt them so our wife's attempted infidelity for the sake of her career doesn't materialize.

The wife tries to convince her husband not to reveal the corruption with the Republican Party and the art gallery but he wouldn't budge, so she shows him her sex video with the artist and tells him that the bad guys are using it to blackmail her.

In the end, during an exhibition, the wife plays her sex video on the big screen for all the audience to see while speaking in front of them and coming clean about the whole thing.

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Categories: Asia, Cheating, Cheating Wife

Original / Other Title:  상류사회

 Director:  Byun Hyuk

Genres: Drama

Country:   South Korea
Language:  Korean
Release Date:  29 August 2018

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