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 93 min | Year: 2018 |  Denmark Netherlands Sweden

Sascha, the young and beautiful trophy girlfriend of a Danish drug lord, arrives at his holiday villa in the seaside town of Bodrum, on the Turkish Riviera, where she is welcomed into his inner circle. Under the summer sun, she lives a carefree dream of luxury and fun until she meets Tomas, a Dutch traveler trying to discover himself.

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Cheating Notes

This is filed under Failed Cheating Situation. The main reason for the fail is that Sascha's boyfriend is just too alpha to be cuckolded by the Beta guy. The most erotic part here is the sex scene between Sascha and her boyfriend where he fucks her forcibly to show his dominance (49:04).

So Sascha goes on vacation with her boyfriend at his luxurious holiday villa in the port city of Bodrum. There, she meets Beta guy and his friend while queueing for ice cream.

Sascha goes to a bar with her boyfriend. She gets bored and meets Beta guy outside while her boyfriend gets busy watching the showgirls perform inside. Sascha and Beta guy go to the beach and shoot up some drugs. She gets high and lies down on his lap. Since the guy is beta, he doesn't know how to convert the situation into a sexual one. He runs his hand all over her face, her hair, her shoulders and her arms. She even allows him to lick seawater from her hand. But the poor guy cannot transition into sexy time so he doesn't score and just ends up singing for her as per her request.

Sascha and her Alpha boyfriend hang out in the living room of his huge villa. I'm not sure if they are talking about the Beta guy, but he fucks her here forcibly on the floor to show dominance. He just shoves his dick into her pussy, and then into her mouth like a boss, and then unloads his cum all over her face. This movie is not porn, but we really see his dick enter Sascha's mouth and his cum unload on her face. (49:04)

Sascha comes to the yacht of Beta guy and his friend. Her Alpha boyfriend follows, says he's no party pooper and the four have a drinking session. Alpha boyfriend invites Beta guy to come to his villa.

At the villa, Alpha boyfriend starts talking to Beta guy on the couch while Sascha dances nearby. Alpha boyfriend starts asking Beta guy about what happened that night at the beach when he and Sascha hung out. He asks him if he fucked her that night, or if he thinks he will get lucky and fuck her tonight, etc. The situation becomes tense, needless to say.

Alpha boyfriend tells Sascha to come closer, commands her to take her panties off and puts his fingers in her pussy. He then holds up his fingers and shows Beta guy that it's drenched with her pussy juice. He says that she's wet because of the power game that's currently going on. He tries to make Beta guy smell his finger but Beta guy moves his head away. Then finally, he tells Beta guy to get the fuck out of his house and crawl back to the suburban hole he came from before he hurts him. Beta guy bolts out of there as quick as lightning.

Imagine the possibilities if the roles were reversed; if Beta guy was Sascha's boyfriend and her Alpha boyfriend was the thirdy-party guy instead. Oh, that would have been awesome.

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