Honeymoon Swedish Style (1981) aka Pilska Julia på bröllopsresa!
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 86 min | Year: 1981 |  Sweden

Romeo and Julia are a young Swedish couple who have traveled to the Cote d'Azur by motorcycle to spend their honeymoon. They sleep by the seaside and when they wake up, they find all their belongings gone. They hitch-hike and are picked up by 3 Americans who molest Julia. They are eventually taken in by Professor Balthazar, a psychiatrist, and his wife Kiki, a music-hall star. Balthazar proposes that the young couple do an erotic live show called "Swedish wedding nights", which becomes a success. Julia sleeps out with the baron Robert, and Romeo has a revenge fuck with Kiki. The following day Julia gets involved with 4 Hells Angels characters.

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Original / Other Title:  Pilska Julia på bröllopsresa!

 Director:  Andrei Feher

Genres: Drama

Country:   Sweden
Language:  Swedish
Release Date:  8 September 1981

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