Ill Fated (2004)
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Ill Fated
 96 min | Year: 2004 |  Canada

Mark A. Lewis's tragic-comic adventure ILL FATED plunges the viewer into the boxed-in world of Jimmy, a small-town teen who seeks a better life but who sees dead-end signs at every turn out of town. His vague plan to leave and "look into college" is complicated by a revolving door of small-town complications - the demands of his lumpen best friends, his troubled girlfriend, his promiscuous stepmother and cuckolded stepfather. But the biggest complication of all is the return of his womanizing biological dad Earl, who'd fled in Jimmy's infancy after impregnating the wife of a violent convict (also his best friend). Earl's return is a catalyst to disaster, and a palette for director Lewis to paint a hyper-realist picture of small-town dystopia.

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Cheating Notes

At 15:57, Jimmy's stepmom fucks his best friend's father (the convict, now an ex-convict mentioned in the synopsis above) at her home. Her husband unexpectedly comes home just after they finish fucking so she tells the ex-convict to jump out of the window, but he thinks too lowly of her husband to do that and so he just walks straight out of the bedroom door, encountering her husband on the way. The husband doesn't do shit to him so he walks away unscathed, but the husband actually does something violent to his wife.

There's pumping action in the cheating scene, done comedic-style, and the wife is still wearing her bra.


Jimmy fucks his girlfriend, the ex-convict's daughter, in a barn at 51:05. Now, if Jimmy's father was the one who impregnated the ex-convict's wife years ago while the ex-convict was in jail, then Jimmy's girlfriend could be his... you do the math.


  1. Can you please tell how Jimmy had both parents as his step father and step mother isn’t only one supposed to be step. I can’t understand the relationship can you explain it

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