Inga (1968)
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 81 min | Year: 1968 |  Sweden United States of America

Inga, a 17-year-old, is sent to live with a scheming aunt who wants her to become the mistress of her late husband's rich friend. She falls for her aunt's young boyfriend instead.

After her mother dies, seventeen-year-old Inga goes off to live with her attractive 30-something aunt Greta. Greta is sort of in a financial bind due to her young lover Karl and his expensive ways. Greta schemes to sell off Inga's affections to her late husband's wealthy friend who likes 'em young but the entire plan fails when Inga hops in the sack with Karl and the two run off together. This leaves Greta broke, guy-less and unhappy to say the least...

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Cheating Notes

At 20:00, Greta makes out and has implied sex with Einar, her late husband's rich friend who is courting her. But her motivation is more about what she can gain financially from him in terms of investments and not because she loves him. The one she really loves is Karl, her young boyfriend, who has expensive taste and wants her to buy a boat for him.

Karl gets seduced by a young woman and has sex with her at a party (28:05). Inga also falls for him and they have sex at the end of the film and elope after that using the boat that Greta bought for him.

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Original / Other Title:  Jag - en oskuld

 Director:  Joseph W. Sarno

Genres: Drama

Country:   Sweden United States of America
Language:  svenska
Release Date:  13 April 1968

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