Inside Out IV (1992)
2.8 (5)

Inside Out 4
R  95 min | Year: 1992 |  United States of America

Playboy does to softcore sex films what HBO's Tales from the Crypt did for horror. Contains the stories:

1)"Natalie Would"- Pauline hasn't had sex since her breakup a year ago. A guy mistakes her for an ex and she plays along. D-

2)"Modivations"- Ted Raimi is tricked into being in porn in the best short of the entire movie. It is also one of the few shorts in the whole lexicon of the "Inside Out" films that actually shows the bottom half of a woman. A

3)"Put Asunder"- A bickering couple want to have each other killed via hit-man by chance. F

4)"Save the Wetlands"- A reporter interview an environmentalist slut. D-

5)"The Thief"- A manic-depressive wife is visited by a thief. D

6)"Jilted Lover"- Man videotapes his ex and her new guy. Contains the ugliest girls of the whole series C-

7)"Three on a Match" - A Jewish couple tries to pick up a person for a threesome. F

8) "What Anna Wants"- A woman videotapes her guy screwing other women... for art. F

9)"Video Mate"- A nerd gets his dream porn star much to his chagrin. F

10)"My Cyberian Rhapsody"- In the future, an ex-con buys a cybersex game which goes haywire. F

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Cheating Notes

In the fifth story, "The Thief," a black wife has sex with a caucasian thief. In the end part, it would seem that her infidelity was just a dream of her black husband while he is beside her caucasian mistress on the bed, but ultimately, we will find out whether the wife really did fuck the thief or not. Poorly-lit sex scene.

Original / Other Title:  Inside Out 4

 Director:  Antoine Fuqua, Richard Shepard, Robert Kubilos, Bernard Rose, Paul Rachman, Adam Friedman, Charles McDougall, Nigel Dick, John Wentworth

Language:  English
Release Date:  9 December 1992

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