Bigasan (2010)
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 80 min | Year: 2010 |  Philippines

A poor community awaiting regularly for government rice subsidies. The people line up for hours to get their share of the rice, while those who don’t have money to pay for their meager portion end up doing all sorts of things in order to get food on the table.

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Cheating Notes

An impoverished wife bangs at least two neighbors for money in a slum so that she can buy rice and milk for her baby. She doesn't enjoy fucking them. The first guy she fucks at 6:30 and it's the only scene of her with an actual sex scene as the other two are either pre-sex or after-sex scenes. At 12:42, we see her wash her body thoroughly in the bathroom while crying because of the disgust and guilt that she feels in fucking the first guy.

The wife bangs the second guy at 32:50 at her own place. It's an after-sex shot only where she is in her bra and the guy is already putting his clothes on. She scolds him for showing up unannounced on her doorstep and tells him not to do it again.

At 57:30 (and its continuation at 59:40), the wife has a threesome with the first guy and another guy whose face is not shown to the camera, so it could be the second guy or a new third guy. She does this because she has become more desperate at this point because her husband got jailed for stealing rice earlier and she needed money to pay for his bail. Although we see her being undressed here by the first guy and her boobs getting exposed, we don't see the actual threesome, only the scene before and after it.

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