Into My Heart (1998)
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 97 min | Year: 1998 |  United States of America

At Columbia University, during the week of John Belushi's death, lifelong friends Ben and Adam meet Nina at a student bar. After Nina and Adam marry, she goes to grad school in New York, while he begins a career as a writer. Ben marries Stanford law student Kat, and they both find work in New York. Lives are altered after Ben and Nina enter into an affair.

Adam and Ben are childhood best friends. They grow up together and go to Columbia University where Adam meets and falls in love with Nina. Adam becomes a successful journalist and Ben a powerful attorney. When Ben and Nina begin to have an affair everything changes and nothing will be the same again.

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Cheating Notes

Nina (Claire Forlani), Adam's wife, and Ben have their first kiss when they take a walk together while their respective partners remain in the house (36:57).

After a dinner date, Nina and Ben kiss passionately on the street (47:20).

Ben and his partner have sex (50:55). We see her boobs in the shower after.

Adam, while visiting his grandfather in Boston, calls home late at night and finds that Nina is out (52:45). Apparently, she is at Ben's place. When Adam calls Ben, the latter is caught off-guard so he isn't ready to lie to him and tells him that Nina is there, but just to hang out and not to fuck him (his own wife is also out of town). He gives the phone to Nina, who is lying naked under the sheets beside him (meaning they had sex) and when Nina says hello, her husband notices that she sounds like she's asleep because of her hoarse voice. She denies it and tells him that she was just hanging out with Ben. Her husband definitely suspects something based on the expression on his face but is afraid of facing the truth.

We see Nina's boobs while she's putting her bra back on after her husband's call has ended (54:04).

While Nina is asleep back at her home, she utters Ben's name, which her husband hears.

Adam gets admitted to the hospital and is on life support. Nina stays at Ben's and his wife's place. She and Ben kiss outside the house (1:14:40). (needs US VPN) (Russian dubbed. Timestamps are a bit different)


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