Intrigo d’amore (1988) aka Fatal Exposure 2
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 89 min | Year: 1988 |  Italy

Billy is a young photographer specializing in erotic services for wives intent on rekindling the derision in their husbands. Three friends ask to be photographed without the knowledge of each other: the first, Janet, is the wife of Bob, a policeman, the second, Lauren, wife of Frank, a banker, and the third, Evelin, is married to Ralph, a lawyer. During the photographic sessions Billy seduces the three women with vehemence, winning the initial resistance. Someone, however, begins to blackmail the trio of friends with anonymous letters, and suspicions immediately fall on Billy himself. Billy asks Ralph, Evelin's husband, to investigate.

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 Director:  Mario Gariazzo

Genres: Drama

Country:   Italy
Language:  Italian, English
Release Date:  1 January 1988

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