Kajinek (2010)
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 118 min | Year: 2010 |  Czech Republic

He escaped from a high-security jail. To prove his innocence or to take his revenge?

Crime thriller inspired by the story of Jiri Kajinek, which is considered the first bounty hunter in the Czech Republic. Thanks to his escape from the prison fortress Mirov it became a legend and the most wanted man in Europe. Five weeks while eluding the police, is still shrouded in mystery. Kajínek Film is a powerful story of the most famous prisoner int the Czech Republic in our story of double murder, the story of lawyer looking for new evidence, the story of the underworld and its penetration into the government and handling of the story. George is a victim of conspiracy or Kajínek cold-blooded killer? Trying to prove his innocence or to intimidate and influence witnesses?

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Cheating Notes

For a fee, a fellow prisoner in charge of distributing food to the cells helps Kajinek escape prison. Kajinek needs a place to stay outside the prison after he gets out so the other prisoner provides a place for him, a place where his wife lives. This leads to Kajinek having sex with the other prisoner's wife while staying at her place (1:21:01). Shown simultaneously with their sex scene is the scene of her husband getting tortured by the police back in prison as they try to extract information from him about Kajinek's whereabouts.

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