La minorenne (1974)
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 84 min | Year: 1974 |  Italy

Suffocated from the strict atmosphere of her boarding school, Valeria has been experiencing erotic dreams with sadistic motorcyclist rapists, a doctor who decides more than an exam is in order and a torturous priest whipping her in pure delight. After leaving school she finds out that her bourgeois family setting has something to do with her recurring dreams and suppressed desires. She idealistically seeks out romance and love but falls short time and time again...

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Cheating Notes

Valeria's (Gloria Guida) mom is cheating on her dad with Carlo, her dad's friend/business partner. At 42:50, Valeria's mom makes love to her dad's business partner on a speedboat. Valeria will see them doing it through a telescope (47:52)

Valeria also finds out that her dad is also cheating on her mom with a female architect when she walks in on them making love at his office (1:05:35).

Valeria is invited by Carlo to his place for the purpose of seducing her (1:12:55). She knows it but is still not fully decided if she will fuck him or not. She gets turned off by his Nazi roleplaying, starts to leave, and meets her mom on her way out.

Original / Other Title:  La minorenne, The Minor, The Underage Girl

 Director:  Silvio Amadio

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Country:   Italy
Language:  Italian
Release Date:  25 September 1974

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