La mujer del juez (1984) aka The Judge’s Wife
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 87 min | Year: 1984 |  Spain

Paz and Miguel have a seemingly happy marriage. But after moving to Logroño, where Miguel has been transferred as a judge, their life as a couple falls into monotony and suffers a serious crisis of passion. As a result, she begins a loving relationship with Alfredo, a sixteen-year-old boy. Their neighbor, Martial witness the infidelity, decides to blackmail her, forcing her to show herself so that he can watch her with his binoculars, while she strolls naked in front of the window.

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Original / Other Title:  La mujer del juez, The Judge's Wife

 Director:  Francisco Lara Polop

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Country:   Spain
Language:  Spanish
Release Date:  30 January 1984

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