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 84 min | Year: 2016 |  Spain

"Laia" is located in the imaginary village of Sinera, a fishing village inhabited by a series of extreme characters, indiscriminately diverted to the adversities of destiny. There, Laia lives, a woman marked by a miserable and unhappy childhood, that is debated between her cruel husband and lover who is his best friend and faces the hatred of a whole town while dreaming of a freedom that only the sea can grant.

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Cheating Notes

The drunk best friend/fellow fisherman of the husband grabs his wife from behind when she goes inside a room to get a bottle of wine at the couple's wedding reception (21:00). He tries to kiss her, able to insert his tongue on her mouth briefly and lick her cheek, but she rejects her this time and pushes him away,

The wife has honeymoon sex with her husband (22:49). He fucks her hard. Their sex scene is interspersed with the sex scene of the best friend and his wife and also a fantasy of the wife having a threesome with her husband and his best friend.

The wife meets and fucks her husband's best friend. It's a hot, intense lovemaking (39:50).

The husband fucks his wife roughly from behind while she's leaning on the dining table (42:32). She doesn't look ecstatic.

The wife flirts with the other fellow fisherman of her husband in front of the best friend (44:59). He is the type who wouldn't even think of fucking another man's wife, unlike the best friend. The wife asks him to take her jar inside her home instead of the best friend. The second guy is hesitant in entering her house. Inside, she brings out her tit and starts breastfeeding her baby in front of him. He looks seduced but hurriedly leaves.

The wife seduces the second guy more by helping the men pull their boat towards the sea, with her taking her place beside the second guy, seductively smiling and looking at him, while her straps are down to her arms, exposing her cleavage to him. Of course, the men notice it, and her cuckolded husband who is on the other side of the boat tells her to go away.

The second guy finally decides to fuck the wife and comes to her house (49:41). But she rejects him because the first guy is there on the bed with her. The second guy leaves and the wife and the first guy fuck. The second guy commits suicide after this because of guilt.

The wife and the best friend have sex beside his dead mother on the bed at 1:03:14. Whaat???


HOT. The sex scenes between the wife and her lover are intense, and so are the ones between her and her husband, I guess, but they're more one-sided as it's the husband who's usually doing the hard fucking while she's not that ecstatic compared to if she's fucking her lover.

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