Lawa (2023)
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 73 min | Year: 2023 |  Philippines

A young videographer uses his camera to capture intimate moment of lovers visiting a beautiful and peaceful lake. He uses the captured videos for his own benefit of earning cash. It's just a matter of time until his dark practice will be revealed and dealt with accordingly.

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Cheating Notes

Peter, a young videographer secretly records young couples in a remote tourist spot (a lake) and uploads the videos to a porn site to earn money. He then meets Mia in the said spot, who, from the get-go, lets him see her boobs while drying herself with a towel after she took a shower (16:30). She is with her boyfriend RJ, who is immediately jealous when he sees her talking to Peter.

Peter records Mia and RJ fucking in the woods. Their kink involves a knife. He decides not to upload their video on the porn site because he's starting to have feelings for Mia, who has similarities to his ex-girlfriend.


Peter talks to Mia again beside the lake. Mia flirts with him, telling him that sex with danger is the hottest sex, or that she is with RJ because she hasn't met him (Peter) yet. RJ then comes into the picture and gets jealous as usual. Mia pacifies her by starting to make love with him. Peter starts to record their lovemaking as well, but is shocked when Mia slashes RJ's throat. He seems to be dead.

Peter doesn't report the murder he just witnessed. Mia has sex with him the next time they meet (39:06 and 55:16).

(Major Spoiler)

In the end, it turns out that Mia's boyfriend is still alive but they just made it look like she killed him to set up Peter.

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