Ligaw na bunga (1984)
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 109 min | Year: 1984 |  Philippines

Two sisters who have enough of their mother leave her and seek their father in the big city. Their dad welcomes them with open arms but his new family doesn't.

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Cheating Notes

34:21 - Selya, the younger of the two sisters, seduces and fucks her mom's live-in boyfriend in the bathroom. A seduction scene that is hotter than her mother's cheating scenes.

38;05 - Selya starts making love to her mom's boyfriend in the kitchen but her mom catches them in the act.

51:00 - The mother kisses Belen's (the older sister) boyfriend, but he runs away after getting the information he wants from her.

1:02:02 - The mother has sex with her boyfriend's friend (headshots only). Her boyfriend sees them kissing as the other guy is about to leave. A physical confrontation occurs between the two men.

 Director:  Arsenio Bautista

Genres: Drama

Country:   Philippines
Language:  Filipino
Release Date:  6 March 1984

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