Little Birds (2020)
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Little Birds
Year: 2020 |  United Kingdom

We arrive with New York heiress Lucy Savage fresh off the transatlantic steamer and ready for love and marriage in exotic climes. But when her husband Hugo does not receive her in the way she expected, she spins off into the surprising, diverse and degenerate world of Tangier in 1955.

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Cheating Notes

Season 1 Episode 5

Wife enters bar. The bartender/artist tends to her, makes a comment about her and her husband fighting, etc. She comes with him to his art studio. Sexual tension rises up between them which leads to him body painting her in the nude. They kiss and start having sex, but he keeps bringing up her dad because maybe that's what gets him off. It has the opposite effect on her so she pushes him off her and that concludes their tryst. Quite hot.

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