Long Ping Ha Ruk (2015)
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 68 min | Year: 2015 |  Thailand

Samyos goes to the countryside to take photos but is robbed and left for dead by two thugs. Sofiah and her friend Sankam, find and save him. She nurses him for several days until he wakes up and recovers, but he has no memory of his past. Samyos stays with Sofiah for a while and they fall for each other and they sleep together. Sankam isn't too happy because he seems to have a hidden desire for Sofiah.

Meanwhile, Samyos' wife, Suda, comes looking for him. Sankam provides her shelter since the inn that her husband stayed in isn't available. During the night, Suda, in a state of coldness and loneliness, sleeps with Sankam. In the morning, she tells him that what happened was a mistake and that it shouldn't happen again. But as the days go by, she's slowly starting to have feelings for him.

Finally, Suda and Samyos meet. However, Samyos does not recognize her and rejects her. This makes Suda go to the arms of Sankam, while Samyos stays with Sofiah.

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Cheating Notes

1:20 Suda and her husband Samyos have sex.

21:38 Samyos and Sofiah have sex.

32:09 Sankam, who provided shelter for Suda, hears her scream in the middle of the night and so he goes to her room. Suda, looking very cold and slightly delirious, pulls him towards her and kisses him, and with her eyes closed, she makes love to him. In the morning, Suda tells him that last night shouldn't have happened.

58:00 After her husband didn't recognize her and rejected her, Suda makes love to Sankam again, but this time, with her eyes open and with feelings for him already.

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Original / Other Title:  ล่องปิงหารัก, Long Ping Ha Ruk, Long Ping Ha Rak, Cruising to Find Love (literal translation)


Country:   Thailand
Language:  Thai
Release Date:  2 February 2015

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