Love for Sale (2017)
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Love for Sale
 88 min | Year: 2017 |  Japan

Ryoko becomes a reporter for a major newspaper after receiving a master's degree from Tokyo University's graduate program. While concealing her adult video acting experience during her university days, she spends her evenings frequenting "host clubs" with her friend. At the same time, she is in a stimulating relationship with boyfriend Rei. Ryoko seeks emotional balance, and despite feeling the contradiction between her day and night lifestyle, hopes to gain happiness in her life.

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Cheating Notes

Ryoko cheats on her musician boyfriend several times... at 29:05 (with her ex-boyfriend's girlfriend), at 37:55 (with a senior executive at her place of work), and at 56:36 (proper sex scene with a guy).

At 1:00:47, a wife is shooting a porn scene when her husband comes to the shoot and pulls out a knife but is subdued. I'm just assuming that they're married because a family photo of them with their baby is shown on a phone after the scene.

Original / Other Title:  身体を売ったらサヨウナラ

 Director:  Eiji Uchida

Genres: Drama

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  1 July 2017

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