Lust (TV Series) (2022)
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 27 min | Year: 2022 |  Sweden

After her nationwide study suggests that sex is the highway to health, Anette and her three lifelong friends begin to question how to keep their own sex lives from being sidelined by careers, kids, partners, and the realities of life.

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Cheating Notes

Nadia, the wife with three kids, bangs her boxing instructor (who is also a thug who robs and asks for protection money from establishments) at the gym in Episode 3.

In Episode 4, Nadia dreams of fucking her boxing instructor at the gym. She wakes up and reads his text, asking her what she's wearing, so she climbs out of the bed where her husband is sleeping beside her, goes inside the bathroom, takes pics of her in her nightgown, and sends it to him.

In Episode 5, Nadia sneaks out from her husband's restaurant's opening ceremony with her lover to have sex with him on a rooftop. Actual sex scene is not shown, just the post-coital scene.

Strategic nudity only, and Nadia and her lover don't really have any real sex scene.

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