Manifesto (1988)
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 96 min | Year: 1988 |  United States of America

In 1920, in Central Europe, the tyrannical king of an Empire is visiting the small town of Waldheim. While a group of revolutionaries plot to kill the despotic king, his oppressive secret service, leaded by Avanti, and the police force, leaded by Police Chief Hunt, organize his reception. Svetlana Vargas, a member of a bourgeois family and abused by their manservant Emile, leads the revolutionaries to organize the attempt against the king.

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Cheating Notes

Rudi, the revolutionary detained at the sanatorium, seems to be the boyfriend of Svetlana. At 58:45, she tells him that he's the only man in his life. She ends her conversation with him with "For the republic, and for our love..." and then kisses him.

Svetlana's family's manservant forces himself on her while she's in the bathtub (15:19). She eventually gives in, fucking him passionately on the bed.

Svetlana seduces the stable boy in the barn and starts kissing him (26:55), but the manservant comes into the barn and interrupts them, and is the one who ends up fucking her. A great example of a dominant male taking away a woman from a beta male effortlessly.

Svetlana fucks the postman who is obsessed with her and has been reading all her letters and knows about her group's assassination plot (1:16:54).



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