Mapupulang rosas (2002)
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 86 min | Year: 2002 |  Philippines

Yolly and her fiance are both in the military and have a grand plan for their wedding after they are going to complete a mission. But the terrorists abduct Yolly's fiance to extract information from him regarding the mission through torture. Yolly joins a special rescue team created to save her fiance. It consists of three military men and four female petty criminals, aka the 'red roses', who have skills that the team can use. The team starts to train but time is of the essence. Yolly's fiance's life is on the line, and the terrorists could be planning a strike where thousands of lives are at stake.

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Cheating Notes

While in training, Yolly drinks one night, crying while thinking of her captured fiance (43:55). One of the military men who are on the rescue team with her starts consoling her. She starts making out with the guy, but eventually, she comes to her senses when he tries to lower the strap of her nightgown and stops.

The sex scenes in this movie are too dark, but thankfully, the fiancee's cheating scene is bright enough but she just made out with the guy. There's a daytime scene where the girls are topless while taking a bath on a river (1:04:05).

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