Matki (Web Series) (2022)
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 30 min | Year: 2022 |  India

After decades of being in the city, Mohan comes to visit his village where he come across his aunt, who is going to make this a visit of his lifetime. Mohan is immediately attracted towards her, but he is held back by the thread of morality which keeps getting pulled little by little. Will Mohan break these barriers or will his desires break him apart?

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Cheating Notes

A wife bangs her nephew.


Episode 1

  • 00 : 44 to 11 : 14 with husband
  • 22 : 32 to 26 : 37 with nephew
  • 32 : 45 to 42 : 11 with husband

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 Director:  S. Kumar

Genres: Drama

Country:   India
Language:  Hindi, Tamil
Release Date:  19 August 2022

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