Midnight Blue (1997)
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Midnight Blue
 94 min | Year: 1997 |  United States of America

Twins Martine/Georgine dupe a love-stricken executive (Martin) into helping them steal $5 million from Georgine's husband.

Shortly before he moves from New York to Los Angeles a banker visits his Atlanta branch. One evening he is propositioned, by a high-class call girl. Their night of passion leaves him besotted, but he is unable to find her again even with the help of a private investigator. In L.A. he is introduced to his boss's wife and is sure she is his lady of the night. But she insists she isn't. Meanwhile, many millions are missing from the bank.

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Cheating Notes

At 10:30, Martin fucks Martine, the hooker.

At 1:04:07, Martin fucks Georgine, his boss's wife (1:04:07), at his place. Her husband knocks on his door after they had sex and finds his wife inside.

Georgine and Martine are supposed to be twins, or are they? Or is there even a Martine? Maybe Georgine just pretended to be Martine when she first fucked Martin.


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