My Friend’s Husband
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 88 min | Year: 2017 |  South Korea

Aren't you sick of one man all your life? Let's switch husbands!

Ji-eun was having a hard time because of her different taste in sex with her husband. She talks to So-hyeon who lives next door about this and she suggests a new kind of 'sex therapy': to switch husbands for a week.

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Cheating Notes

Two wives switch husbands and homes for a week. While the liberated wife gets it on with the conservative husband in no time, it takes some time for the conservative wife to have sex with the liberated husband. Only after seeing her husband fuck the liberated wife a few times does she fuck the liberated husband. She sees them fucking via cameras and also in person when she goes home one day and sees them having sex in their bathroom. Her husband sees her fuck the other husband via cameras too. All kinds of emotions can be seen in the faces of the conservative couple when they see each other fuck other people.

One night, both couples go out to dinner with the other's partner and they meet unexpectedly. There's an awkward look between the conservative wife and her husband while the liberated wife and her husband just grins mischievously at each other. They decide to share a table and have dinner together.

After dinner, the couples have sex together in one of their homes. The conservative wife has sex with the liberated husband in the loft while the liberated wife has sex with the conservative husband in the living room. Both couples can see each other fucking. Again, intense emotions can be seen in the faces of the conservative wife and her husband while watching each other have sex with other people and they are priceless to look at.

In the last scene, the wife goes back home and has sex with her husband. It seems that their swinging activity has a positive effect on their sexual relationship as their sex becomes more intense and passionate.

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Original / Other Title:  내 친구의 남편

 Director:  Joo Jong-baek

Genres: Romance, Drama

Country:   South Korea
Language:  Korean
Release Date:  11 April 2017

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