My Tutor (1983)
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My Tutor
R  97 min | Year: 1983 |  United States of America

School's out...But Bobby's education has just begun

High school senior Bobby Chrystal fails his French class, which will block him from entering Yale. His rich, authoritarian father hires an attractive 29-year-old to tutor Bobby over the summer and help him pass a make-up exam. While Bobby's friends lead him away into strange excursions aimed at losing their virginity, Bobby finds all the extracurricular activities he needs with his new tutor.

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Cheating Notes

High school senior Bobby Chrystal starts fucking a waitress in a car but her biker fiance arrives (21:44).

Bobby's tutor is in an on-and-off relationship with her cheating boyfriend and first fucks him after she caught her boyfriend cheating (52:54).

Bobby kisses a former high school classmate who has a college boyfriend named Biff (1:29:55).

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