Naked Obsession (1990)
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Naked Obsession
R  93 min | Year: 1990 |  United States of America

The honest and uncorrupt councilor Franklyn Carlysle (William Katt) is running the election to mayor supported by his wife Saundra (Wendy MacDonald) and his secretary Becky (Elena Sahagun). When the lobbyist Mitch (Tommy Hinkley) shows the project of recovering a neighborhood of bad reputation, Franklyns foresses the chance to win the election and decides to visit the place. However he is robbed and the stranger Sam Silver (Rick Dean) brings him to a night-club to call his wife. However Franklyn sees the show of the stripper Lynne Hauser (Maria Ford) and finds his car parked in front of the spot. On the next night, Franklyn returns to the night-club with Sam and Lynne asks for a ride home. They have one-night stand and Franklyns learns that Lynne likes to be choked during the intercourse. On the next night, Franklyn decides to meet Lynne to tell that they had only one-night stand and learns that she is dead. Now his life turns upside down when the police Detective Ludlow (Roger Craig) chases him. What will Franklyn do?

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Cheating Notes

At 1:02:44, the councilman comes home and finds his wife having rough, kinky sex with a lobbyist who has been frequenting his office, on top of the dining table.

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